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Wellingborough Branch Picture Gallery
MEP candidates
Meet the MEP candidates for the May 2019 Euro elections
Bill Etheridge
Bill Etheridge addressing a UKIP branch breakfast meeting
Derel Clark
Derek Clark MEP (rtd) addressing the UKIP branch breakfast meeting on 31st \march 2018
On 13th February 2018, the then UKIP Leader Henry Bolton addressed the branch meeting
(on the 17th February was removed by a vote at an EGM)
Henry Bolton 1 Henry Bolton 2
Henry Bolto 9 Henry Bolton 10
UKIPs stall in Wellingborough town centre - prior to the June 2017 general election
Street Stsll <--- Some of the branch members spreading the good word in Wellingborough and Rushden town centres
Members of the branch meet Paul Nuttall in November 2016, prior to hine being elected leader of UKIP
Paul and Allan
Branch chairman meets Paul Nuttall
Paul and Jeremy
NEC candidate Jeremy Jordan meets Paul Nutthal
Paul Nuttall addressing the meeting
Nuttall1 Nutthall_7
Campaigning for the referendum early 2016
leave EU feb <---- Hardy souls out campaining to
promote leaving the EU
Kettering Go Conf Many members of Wellingborough branch attended the inaugural meeting of "Grassroots Out" an all-party group that campaigned for the UK to leave the EU. This was one of UKIP's prime aims. Click on the picture to download ITV Anglia's news clip broadcast ithe evening of 23 Jan. More pictures in the gallery
23 Jan 2016 - Launch of Grassroots out (GO) campaign. A number of Wellingborough branck members attended - Nigel Farage was one of the speakers. Some members were photographed with the UKIP leader!
Kettering meet 1 Ket 2
ket 3 Ket 3
ket 5 ket 6
12 Jan 2016
SAm Watts < -- Allan Shipham, Branch Chairman introduced Sam Watts (left), UKIP's candidate for the post of Police and Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire. Sam addressed the branch meeting on 12 January, kicking off his campaign in preparation for the election in May.