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Branch meetings are held at least once per month, usually the second Tuesday in the month - all UKIP members and supporters are welcome (unless otherwise stated).

2019 Branch Meeting Schedule
(Subject to change)
Date / Time Venue Comments
Tuesday 14th May 2019
 6.30 for 7.00 till 9.00 pm
Windmill Club, Glassbrook Road,
Rushden NN10 9RP
Wellingborough & Rushden branch meeting
Thursday 16th May 2019 TBA Daventry and S. Northants branch meetingeeting
Tuesday 21st May 2019 TBA Corby and E Northants branch meeting
Tuesday 30th May 2019 TBA Kettering branch meeting


Other Events Schedule
Date / Time Event Comments




Further events to be advised - keep an eye on Wellingborough branch Facebook page. 

click here for a list of previous seminars and presentations


  The Crown, 102 Senwick Road,
Wellingborough, NN8 1NJ
  The Priory,  Bourton Way,
Wellingborough NN8 2LF
Wellingborough Golf Club, Great Harrowden, Wellingborough, NN9 5AD 
  Wellingborough Golf Club, Great Harrowden, Wellingborough, NN9 5AD  
  Northampton Boys Brigade Club, St Andrews Mill, St Andrews Road, Northampton NN1 2PQ