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Following the resignation of Heather Smith, a by-election will be held on 21 February 2019. UKIP will be represented. Details to follow


Northamptonshire County Council by-election for Higham Ferrers ward and Higham Ferrers Lancaster district ward was held on 15th February 2018, following the death of Cllr Glenn Harwood (Con) who held both seats. Bill Cross stood in both seats representing UKIP.

A parliamentary by-election was held on 14th June 2018 for the Lewisham East in London, seat.
David Kurten stood on behalf of UKIP.

General Election held on 8th June 2017
The results for Wellingborough/Rushden:
Conservative - 30,579
Labour - 18,119
UKIP - 1,804
Lib Dems - 1,782
Greens - 956